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Spacecraft VF-I VN600A1W2N
Reviewed by : Real World Labs Date : 2011/12/07

The latest Spacecraft VF-I midi tower PC Case by Thermaltake may not be something extraordinary in terms of features but it does fill the gap between the Commander MS-I and the Overseer RX-I and that's what Thermaltake was aiming for right from the start. The build quality of the VF-I is quite good, its design is very nice, it has room for a total of 7 fans, USB 3.0 support (VN600A1W2N model), plenty of interior space, enough room for great cable management, tool-less mechanisms for all of the drives and room for the tallest CPU Coolers and longest graphics cards.


- Good Build Quality
- Design
- Spacious Interior
- Excellent Cable Management Potential
- Room For 7 Fans
- USB 3.0 Port (VN600A1W2N)
- Tool-Less Mechanism For All Drives
- Fits CPU Coolers Up to 168mm In Height
- Fits The Longest Graphics Cards (320mm)
- Price


Spacecraft VF-I VN600A1W2N
Reviewed by : 原價屋 Date : 2011/11/06



Spacecraft VF-I VN600A1W2N
Reviewed by : Benchmarkreviews Date : 2011/09/21

The construction of the Spacecraft VF-I is surprisingly good all being said. When I first got my hands on it my initial impression was somewhat different but since I have installed my system inside it I have come to the conclusion that it is actually quite well made, less is more as they say.

Functionality is quite good, you shave a couple of dollars off by doing without USB 3.0 but you still retain the SSD mount and watercooling potential. It depends what is important to you in a case at the end of the day.


Spacecraft VF-I VN600A1W2N
Reviewed by : hardwareanalisis.es Date : 2011/09/14

The box Spacecraft Thermaltake VF-I is a very interesting model, especially if we want a modern box modding aspects, high quality and good finishes. The aesthetic is very nice, Thermaltake has achieved a perfect blend of different forms, and the side window with the ultra quiet fan with blue LED gives the final touch. The interior space and ease to install the components is another plus.


Spacecraft VF-I VN600A1W2N
Reviewed by : 滄者極限 Date : 2011/09/06

Spacecraft VF-I 銀河星艦號 整體來說做工還不錯,鋼材的厚度不算太薄,結構也挺扎實,至於外觀設計個人覺得比較難以聯想到銀河戰艦或是星艦之類的,不過還算中規中矩。散熱的部份,雖 然僅有搭載一顆風扇,但對於重度需求玩家來說,可擴充性相當夠,連同預載的,全部可以安裝至七顆風扇之多。


Spacecraft VF-I VN600A1W2N
Reviewed by : XFastest Date : 2011/08/19

空間上支援長達12.5吋的超長顯卡,因此GTX 590與HD6990都可以安心的裝入