P/N: VF6000BNS
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-Piano mirror coating
-Front panel mesh design for maximum ventilation. 
-Simple, low-profile, and clean designs with versatility 
-A fully module chassis where all component may be removed from the body for easier installation 
-High efficiency ventilation:9cm silent fan in front & dual 6cm fan in rear 
-Supports Micro ATX form factor & mini ITX form factor 
-Supports ATX PS2 power supply 
-Dual USB2.0, IEEE1394 Firewire, HD Audio ports 

The need for a compact yet powerful PC has inspired Thermaltake to engineer this unprecedented mobile gaming powerhouse, LANBOX Lite Unlike tower chassis, small form factor PC often lacks sufficient cooling capability or expandability to allow enthusiasts to build a capable gaming machine. Designed from the ground up, LANBOX Lite is a fully modular chassis where all component may be removed from the body for easier installation. Everything from Motherboard Tray to 5.25” Bay Drive cage can be easily removed with a twist of the thumb screws.
Thermal engineering played an equally important part when designing the LANBOX Lite. Today’s most high-end graphic cards or processor often requires added cooling and high-wattage power supply in order to operate at their maximum capability. Before, gaming enthusiasts that opted to build a small form factor PC were limited to mid-end graphic card or processor that resulted in mediocre performance. Today, LANBOX Lite enables the use of most high-end CPU, powerful graphic card and even a full-size PSII; the result, a small form factor PC that is equally powerful as full sized PC.